It’s so easy to judge this person and she is even getting harassment now especially that she has come out. But come to think of it, there are so many others who are doing porn to make money. In her case, she is enjoying it because according to her, it is ‘freeing.’

But what about those who are doing it because for them, it is the ‘easy’ way to get money to support their lifestyles?

It is so easy to judge those who market their bodies for money.  With porn and prostitution, they make big bucks for short periods of time, unless if they have a middleman (aka PIMP) that takes most of the money, in which case defeats the idea of ‘selling for big bucks’ what is very intimate to them for money.

But what about those who work regular jobs but have to expose themselves to continuous mental and emotional work stress, deprive their families of at least eight hours daily, and live on an income that is determined by what the company thinks they deserve and not by what they really deserve to earn?

Another definition of prostitution is selling out oneself, or working for an unworthy cause.

When a person works for a job he loves but isn’t getting paid the amount he deserves but he has to suck it up because he has to pay the bills – isn’t that similar to selling oneself out or working for an unworthy cause?



The masses

In our current global economy, one of the reasons countries are going bankrupt and political outbreaks are taking place here and there is because of the wrong assumption of both the masses and their governments.

The masses have a tendency to assume that it is the government’s job to keep the economy afloat and going.

Now, how can you expect the government to keep the local economy afloat and going when the masses are broke?  How can you expect the government to facilitate and maintain a decent local economy when the masses are relying on the government for their daily needs?  How can you expect the government to keep the country from further financial turmoil when the people themselves can’t manage their own personal economic matters?

Lesson one:  the government does NOT know how to keep the economy afloat and going.

The sooner we realize and keep that in mind, the less expectation we’ll have on our governments as far as ‘taking care’ of the people.  When the people making up the government can’t take care of themselves, how can you expect the government as an entity to take care of the people?

The government 

On the other side of the fence, governments have a tendency to assume that throwing money on the problem fixes the problem.

For example!  Some governments throw millions and billions into ‘projects’ masquerading as ‘businesses’ so they can say that employment rates are getting ‘better.’  Problem is, they ‘solved’ a problem by creating another problem: they print millions and billions of money which further weakens their local currency and throws all that money into ‘businesses’ that are not self-sustaining because they were built simply to increase employment rates and not create businesses that actually make money and are capable of growth and expansion.

But of course, that’s aside from the fact that governments do NOT know how to keep the economy afloat and going.

The more we keep that in mind – the sooner we’ll see the importance of working hard in building our own wealth.  Because once we are financially independent – we have established a financial barrier that will keep us protected from the events that will take place that would otherwise destroy those who have just enough to pay for their monthly bills.

Lesson two:  throwing money at a problem does not fix the problem

The third lesson

If we make it a conscious effort to work on our own fortune rather than rely on our governments, employers, parents, relatives and friends – the better off our financial future would be.

To think that poor people deserve more money is naive.  To think that poor countries deserve more money is naive.  To think that poor governments deserve more money is naive.  The fact that they are poor means there is a problem with regards to producing and maintaining wealth.

The sooner we understand that wealth responds to efforts and not needs, the brighter our economic future will be.  The universe, life, and wealth do not respond to needs – they respond to efforts!  You get what you put.  You reap what you sow!

If the masses alone, even without the government’s intervention, put in their efforts in becoming financially independent individuals – then the inevitable results would be a stronger economy regardless how the government operates.

Focus then on your efforts my friend, not on your needs.


Image  —  Posted: February 19, 2014 in Hot Post